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Goodbye SafeCopy Backup - SafeCopy Backup

Goodbye SafeCopy Backup

SafeCopy Backup has discontinued backup services.

It’s been a great 10 years with SafeCopy Backup,but given the changes in the online backup marketplace we are shutting down our services. We appreciate your business with SafeCopy, but unfortunately the customer base is not enough to maintain the quality of service and support we want to maintain.

Suggestions for backup solutions

SafeCopy has been a partnership with Memopal.com out of Rome, Italy since our start. Simply uninstall SafeCopy and install Memopal and you will use the same software features with the Memopal brand. They offer similar free and paid plans.
If you have a Gmail account, you can also use Google Backup and Sync software which backs up to your Google Drive storage. You can both sync Google Drive contents and also select other folders such as Desktop or Photos to be included in the backup. Keep in mind it does not include retention of files you delete from your computer, but for many people this may be a great alternative.

Next steps

All your backup files are available with web access to view and download until through October, but no new files will be uploaded to your online backup.There will be no future billing from SafeCopy and any remaining annual billing will be refunded.

Thanks again and sorry to have to discontinue our service.

Best Regards,

SafeCopy Backup