The Best Backup Solution For Medium Sized Business

Whether small or large, the businesses these days run on data. The data can be either processed or client data which needs to be processed for taking a wise decision, or for making a future plan, or for studying the market before a product launch, or for forming strategies for beating the competition, etc. The […]

Top 7 Online Backup Myths You Shouldn’t Fall Prey To

Online backup is one of the most sought after solution when it comes to data management and storage. Online or cloud backup services were quite expensive in their early days and many had apprehensions about choosing them for backing up their critical data, but the times have changed now. Cloud backup services have not only […]

Why Should You Backup To Cloud Before Installing New Software?

Frequent system updates have become a norm these days. You update your system today and you’ll have to update it a few days later, again. If you are using a device running Android, then you’ll receive Google Play notifications almost daily for new app updates. These frequent app updates may annoy you sometimes, but such […]

How To Double Your Backup Protection For More Benefits ?

We all understand how important the data has become in this digital age. Every decision we take is derived from data, and that important data sits somewhere on your work or home computer. This data includes financial records, logs of transactions, problem analysis, proposed solutions, results, employee database, blueprints, etc. Losing such data would not […]

What Exactly Should You Backup To Cloud?

Online backup services have been around for years, but it is now that these services are starting to pick up a lot of pace. Many people were initially hesitant about backing up their critical files to the cloud. But thanks to the increasing awareness about how online backup services keep user data safe from hackers, […]

New release of SafeCopy backup

New version of SafeCopy Backup software is being pushed out through our auto-update feature.  Over the next couple weeks your computer will prompt you to update, but if you want to skip the line and upgrade immediately, you can download and upgrade at New restore process built into to the software.  This is helpful […]

Updated photo viewer

  The SafeCopy web file manager has been update to include an integrated photo viewer.  There is now a small camera icon on the right hand side of each folder.  If you click on the icon, it will create a photo album  view based on the images inside that folder.  You can click-to-zoom, play an […]

$10 on December 10th

SafeCopy Supporting Invisible Children with Proceeds from 1,000 Backups SafeCopy found a way to give back this holiday season. On December 10th, SafeCopy will be giving away 1,000 licenses for only $10 (normally $50). The best part is that 100% of the proceeds go towards Invisible Children Protection Plan. Go to the SafeCopy homepage on […]