Use SafeCopy Backup To Save Your Loving Memories Forever

Think of any special moment or that trip with your loved ones and you will want to view the photos that captured those moments, again. We now take more photos with our smartphones than we can imagine and plan on printing them or at least moving them to our computer or the external storage drive. But how many of you actually get those photos printed?

Hard Copy Vs. Soft Copy

A very small percentage of smartphone users print the photos taken by them. Many of us believe that printing photos would be a waste of money, ink, and paper when we can watch them whenever we like on a large display such as a T.V.

Printed photos are also difficult to share with the friends and family as it involves packing and shipping via a courier company. A courier reaches its destination in a couple of days in most cases, so why go through all this hassle of making a hard copy of the special moments? Just keep them on the computer so we can share them instantaneously using the social networks and emails with just a click of the mouse.

So, one must think that keeping a soft copy of the photos on the computer is the best way of reliving and sharing those moments and that too in an inexpensive way, right? Well, not exactly.

The Caveat

All digital media including your photos and videos bear a danger of being wiped out of existence due to hardware failure and data corruption besides being at risk from theft, flood, fire, spillage, and natural calamities.

All this data including your important files and those cherished photos and videos of your childhood, graduation, engagement, marriage, or any other award ceremony might vanish in a jiffy. This might happen due to a number of reasons. While it is not always possible to avert such tragedy, it is very much in our hands to preserve our precious photo and video albums in digital format.

All you have to do is backup those photos and videos to the cloud. Cloud backup technology is one of the safest and securest way to save data. And in the recent times, the cloud backup plans have become more affordable than ever. So you won’t burn a hole in your pocket when you subscribe to the cloud backup plans offered by SafeCopy Backup.

Why SafeCopy Backup Is An Excellent Choice For Preserving Photos and Videos?

We often come across this question when many of our potential customers ask why they should rely on SafeCopy Backup for storing backups of their loving memories in the form of photos and videos.

Here is a simple explanation that will clear all your doubts regarding the features and quality of service offered by SafeCopy Backup:

SafeCopy employs channel and data encryption which secure user data while transferring and while it is stored on its servers. The user can also set a password for encrypting his/her data so that no unauthorized person can access it. The channel encryption employed is equivalent to what banks use for facilitating a purchase. On the other hand, the data stored on the servers is encoded using military grade encryption providing world-class security.

This encrypted user data is also copied across various data centres in the world, so it is always available to the user even if one server location goes down due to any reason. SafeCopy Backup plans also come with in-built support for file sharing so the users can share their files including photos and videos with their family and friends. The user can also share custom URL with whoever he/she wants and can also set its expiry in advance.

Now, besides packing such useful features SafeCopy Backup plans are very affordable and start at $50/year for a 200 GB account and go all the way up to 1000 GB for $350/year. Subscribe to SafeCopy Backup now and preserve all your photos and videos forever. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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