Traveling with a laptop

Seven Tips For Taking A Laptop Travelling

Taking a laptop computer with you when you go backpacking can pose some difficulties – how to avoid it getting smashed up or stolen? Here are a few ideas to keep your computer and your data safe.  As a quick summary, don’t take your laptop travelling if you can’t face losing it.  The chance of your laptop being damaged or stolen is much higher when traveling, so be sure to keep a good eye on it and have a place to survive if it no longer works.  Consider getting a good travel case for your laptop to protect it from accidental drops.  Just yesterday a friend was visiting my house on a trip and he had dropped his new MacBook Pro and the corner was smashed.  Fortunately it still worked.  He actually had a case, but had failed to zip it closed to the laptop fell out onto the cement.  Not good.

Lastly, don’t forget to backup your computer before traveling!  An offsite backup such as SafeCopy Backup is ideal as your information will always be available even if your entire computer setup is broken or stolen.

Backup today!

Here is a link to more info about traveling with a laptop.