Top 7 Cloud Backup Myths To Be Aware Of

Online backup is one of the most sought after solution when it comes to data management and storage. Online or cloud backup services were quite expensive in their early days and many had apprehensions about choosing them for backing up their critical data, but the times have changed now. Cloud backup services have not only evolved in terms of security and efficiency but also offer far more features than they used to.

Not all online backup providers explain the features of the services provided by them in plain language and thus give rise to these myths. This article will list down some of the most popular myths associated with online backup services and bust them.

1. Truly Unlimited Plans- Nothing is truly unlimited in all terms. It can be unlimited in one aspect but that aspect would be restricted by another aspect which would be limited in quantity or scope.

Many backup providers boast of providing unlimited storage space but you should always read the fine print before falling prey to such a trap. Such unlimited features always have a fair usage policy would restrict something; let’s say the bandwidth, after you upload a certain amount of data.

2. Cloud Backup Is Not For Everyone –Cloud backup was surely expensive in its early days but now it has become very affordable. Small business owners think that cloud backup is not needed for their business as it will increase their expenditure, but they fail to assess the risk of losing their data properly. They need it more than more than the large MNCs as they do not have any data management strategy in action.

Self-employed professionals like photographers and designers must always use a cloud backup service for safeguarding their data as losing work could mean losing a client.

3. Cloud Backups Are Slow-   Those who say that cloud backup services are slow for uploading their data are probably using it on a dial-up or a slow mobile connection.

These backup services upload giga bytes of data and were never meant to be used on a slow internet connection. Thankfully, due to the increasing penetration of broadband, this problem will cease to exist in near future.

In case you want to transfer a huge amount of data to the cloud backup servers and can’t wait for several weeks during the initial seeding phase, then you should probably send a hard drive to the service provider with your initial seed data at an extra cost.

4. Automatic Backups Mean Total Peace of Mind-  Wrong! Though automatic backups are meant to work without any user interference, one should always check whether it’s working or not at regular intervals. Sometimes, automatic backup might stop working due to an error, and if you’ve turned off notifications of the cloud backup software then you might land up in a trouble at a later stage.

It is always a good practice to check backup logs to check if everything is working fine or not.

5.One Backup On The Cloud Is Enough- You should use a cloud backup service for backing up a backup. You must keep a copy of your backup on an external storage device which is accessible to you at all times and is stored at a safe distance from your work/home computer. This copy stored on an external storage media will help you do a quick restore without the internet in case you lose your data on the computer.

6. Cloud Backups Are Not Secure- Data security is an inherent part of any cloud backup service. So, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of the data stored on your cloud backup account.  All popular cloud backup services use at least 128-bit encryption for storing your data, and transfer your data through a SSL channel during the upload and download process.

This makes sure that no unauthorized person can access your data without your permission.

7. There Is No Need To Try Restoring From Cloud- While this holds true for most of the cases, you wouldn’t want to be the unlucky one who would lose his data due to a corrupt backup copy. Let me remind you that this data corruption doesn’t happen during the transfer process or on the cloud server, but happens on your own computer itself. That’s why it is always advised to do trial restores for ensuring the validity of your data backups.

Now you know all the main facts and most common myths about cloud backup services. So, now it is time to try a cloud backup service. SafeCopy Backup offers a free account with 5 GB of lifetime storage so you can test out our services and make a wise decision.