The Best Backup Solution For Medium Sized Business

Whether small or large, the businesses these days run on data. The data can be either processed or client data which needs to be processed for taking a wise decision, or for making a future plan, or for studying the market before a product launch, or for forming strategies for beating the competition, etc. The data can be used in numerous ways for the betterment of businesses.

This dependence on data could lead to disastrous consequences too. The confidential client and medical data in the wrong hands will not only send a wrong message against the company but could also lead to dire consequences such as loss of client trust and penal actions being taken against the company responsible for protecting medical data.

On the other hand, the business can come to a standstill, if a company loses the data due to hardware failure, theft, and natural calamities such as fire, flood, and tsunami. 

Why Backup Data? 

All medium-scale organizations must form proper data backup strategies for securing their work. It can be data related to your current and past projects, research work, etc.

Data backups will help ensure that your business isn’t affected in any way in case you lose all your data due to any reason mentioned above.


Why Can You Not Rely On External Storage Media? 

Many medium-scale businesses use external disk drives and tapes for backing up their data, but the fact that both tape and hard drives can get corrupted over a period a time makes this strategy not-so-good for storing critical data. These external storage media can also get lost or stolen leading your business in a state of chaos.

Online backup is the only solution that provides maximum reliability for storing sensitive and critical data. It might not be as cheap as tape storage but it is way more advanced and reliable.

Here are some of the key points of cloud backup technology which make it ideal for storing tons of important data of all types: 

Reliability- Cloud backup providers setup their data centres to ensure data redundancy. The user data is stored at multiple locations so if one location/server goes down due to fire, flood, or any other natural calamity, the users can still access a copy of their data stored at other locations.

 Scalability- Now considering the fact that your business would be using cloud backup for storing only critical data, it wouldn’t be possible for you to get rid of it in near future. With cloud backup technology scalability of your data storage needs is not an issue. All you have to do is move to a higher tier plan. That’s it.

 Security- It is wise of you to be sceptical about storing your data anywhere, after all it contains sensitive information that you would want to protect from your competitors and spies but you needn’t worry about all such things when using cloud backup technology. All leading cloud backup providers not only physically secure their data centres with security forces, alarms, and CCTVs monitoring but also encrypt user data at every step beginning from uploading to saving to restoring.

 File Versions- Leading cloud backup providers offer to save multiple file versions of user files so that you that you can recover what you had done at an earlier date and time. The number of file versions that are stored for your account depend on your cloud backup provider but leading cloud backup providers offer unlimited file versions. 

SafeCopy Backup is one of the best cloud backup providers that not only offers cost-effective plans but also offer high performance and the ability to backup any number of external and network drives. We also save you from the hassle of subscribing to a different and expensive plan for multiple computers by allowing you to use your SafeCopy Backup account on any number of computers as you like. Our data backup plans start from $50/year for 200 GB data and stretch to 1000 GB/$350 for a year.