Sharing Capabilities With SafeCopy Backup

Sharing Just Got Easier

Sharing single files or large file folders has never been easier with SafeCopy Backup. With our private and personalized shareable link generator, you can easily share and secure any document or photo with ease and peace of mind. Simply select the individual file or folder to be shared, then enter the email of where you would like to send the private share link. The person then receives the share invitation via email and with one click has access to view and download the files.

SafeCopy Sharing highlights:

  • Share high resolution photos which often lose resolution with photo sharing services.
  • Send large files which usually clog up an email account.
  • The private share link can be set to expire in 1 day, 1 week, or unlimited.

You can share files with with your contacts whether they are SafeCopy Backup users or not. Don’t forget, you can refer 3 friends to become users and receive a free 500 MB extension of data for anybody that signs up!

No more worrying about your file being too large to share over email. No stress about if your files are backed up or secured. No more searching for your files through your hectic desktop, let SafeCopy Backup clean your dashboard and secure your files without any headaches!