A Real Life Horror Story

*Proceed With Caution*

A friend of ours recently had been planning an amazing trip to Costa Rica for months. When they landed in Costa Rica, they were informed that the airline had unfortunately lost their luggage. Truly a nightmare had come to life because in their luggage was their passport, ID and any sort of identification they could have used to get through customs and into Costa Rica.

In a pure panic, they came to remember they had thankfully taken a picture of their passport and saved it as a document. They quickly whipped out their computer, logged onto SafeCopy Backup and saw that their passport photo and information was safely secured and easily accessible for them.

Maybe this situation wasn’t life and death, but it truly is a reality in the world we live in. Don’t let yourself get trapped into a situation like this. You have been warned…download SafeCopy Backup and be prepared before your next travel adventure.

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