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Automatic backup that performs in real-time as files are changed.

Search and Browse your files securely. No software required.

Share large files with an emailed private download link.

Restore your files as easy as drag-and-drop.

Our plain English
  • Global Cloud Storage securely stores your backup data.
  • TurboUpload speeds the backup process by up to 80% while saving you storage space.
  • True Privacy keeps your information securely encrypted and ensures that only you can access your files.
  • File Versioning automatically maintains previous versions of your files allowing you to view or download past versions.
  • Archive Forever means we will never delete your files for the lifetime of your account. Unlike our competitors, when you delete files from your computer, we keep it.

Technically Inclined? Check under-the-hood and learn about the supercharged technology that powers SafeCopy.