At the risk of shameless self-promotion, we wanted to post some of the feedback we get from our customers. In an industry which is largely “self-serve” support, we are happy to offers quick personal support to our customers.

I accidentally over-wrote a file that I edited with a different version that was completely different. Then I thought “I have that on Safecopy” and sure enough – the file was restored in less than 2 minutes!
> Frank

“Thank You very much for the quick response and resolution.”
> Steve

“Overall I’m very impressed with the service so far. The upload speeds are great. I tried and dumped (undisclosed competitor). Their upload speed was ridiculously slow. Woulda taken months to complete the initial backup. I’ll make an effort to post a review of your service once I’ve gotten more time and use with it. So far, so good! Keep up the good work!”
> Tom

“I plan to post a review soon, and I’ll add excellent support as one of the ‘props’!”
> Christopher

“Thanks once again for your fast and thorough answer. Support like this is such a rare thing. As you describe your storage implementation and how it handles new machines and reinstalls, this is nothing short of brilliant! I think you’ve got yourself a new customer…”
> Paul

“Thanks for your quick responses and great support.”

“Thanks for being so responsive to end-user feedback, that is definitely nice (& rare) to see!”
> Brandon

“Now using @safecopy online backup since I was getting very sick of (undisclosed competitor). Already at 35% initial backup, pretty speedy and non-invasive.”
> Valerie

“Thank you so much for your immediate response. Now it works fine and trial version label was automatically removed. I appreciate your timely response.”
> Sam

“Thank-you so very, very much!!! You have saved me and my company a lot of time and money to recover this file. I love your service! You now have a link on my website and I will tell everyone about this.
> Jeff

“I have genealogy records as well as business records that I can’t afford to loose so your
service has been my salvation. Thanks again.”
> Phil

Ex-wife calls me at 6:45 am on Thursday morning stressing out that she needs the 2008 Tax return for a student loan and needs it in two hours. She is totally stressed and no fun to deal with.

I go to my file cabinet and can’t find my tax returns. Honestly, can’t remember if I printed them or misplaced them. Go to my laptop and I have reformated two times in the last six months!!

I think to myself “crap” no paperwork or PDF. I am going to have a bad morning!!

I have a cup of coffee and then remember SafeCopy had been rolling on my laptop this last year. Logged on and did a search for “tax” and had my 2008 return in 5 seconds!

Could have been a really bad day, but SafeCopy made me look like a champ!!
> Happy Camper

Thank you. I think that’s working great! You provide very good support and your program seems very intelligent and robust.
> Brandon

Based on your support, I will be recommending you to my clients, and recommending that my clients currently using Mozy switch over to your service.
Keep up the good work!
> Jim

First impressions are good. It was a VERY fast verify against files already
on your servers. Mozy should be jealous of you; it would take their
program most of week to do what yours did in an hour.
> Rich

Just want to say that at last I have found a backup solution which satisfies all my requirements and is very user friendly. Great upload speed, tells me what is going on, and backs up all file types. Excellent product and happy I took the 2 year initial contract. From me - keep up the great work. Also feel free to use this as a recommendation to all prospective buyers, because I will also be telling them.  

> Mike