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How do I setup SafeCopy Backup?
Install the software. Select files for backup. Watch the magic happen.

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Top 5 FAQs

How do I install SafeCopy?
How do I configure which of my files to back up?
How long will the initial backup take?
How do I access and restore my files?
How do I share files? 

How do I install SafeCopy?
To begin using SafeCopy as a Free 3GB account, download and install the software and select the option to create a free account.  Then if you ever purchase an upgrade it will automatically be applied to that account.  To install SafeCopy on an additional computer under the same account, download the client and run the installer. Then when you first open SafeCopy Backup enter the same login credentials and it will add that computer to your existing account at no additional charge.

How do I configure which of my files to back up?
When you first open SafeCopy you will be prompted to configured your backup selection. You can review and change this at any time by clicking the Configuration button in Windows or the Settings tab on a Mac.  In many cases you may want to consider using the Custom backup option in order to pick your specific folders for backup and avoid backing up unwanted folders in the default My Documents configuration.  

Open the SafeCopy software to see the progress and recent history of your backup. When you add or change files on your computer, the status will be updated to show that new files are in process for backup.

There is no file size restriction with SafeCopy. However by default there is a setting to skip files over 200MB and you can easily adjust or remove this setting.  (Windows: Configuration then click Advanced; Mac: on the Configuration tab)

How long will the initial backup take?
Backup time depends on the internet connection upload speed and the quantity of data selected for backup. For example, a typical user with a 512 Kbps upload connection (standard DSL line) saves approximately 3-5GB per day, depending on the Internet.  The inital backup can take up to a couple weeks, however once complete SafeCopy provides continuous realtime backup with no noticable impact on system performance.

How do I access and restore my files?
With SafeCopy, recovering your data is simple and there are two ways to download your files. One way would be to login to your account and use either the Search or Browse tabs to find your files. Additionally, you can access your files as a web folder which is much like a remote hard drive. Technically this is called a WebDAV connection. Once the connection is open, you can drag your files to your computer and wait until the transfer is complete.

For Windows:

From a computer with SafeCopy installed, open My Computer and click on the icon which says My SafeCopy. That will open the connection for you.

For Mac:

Click the Browse button and it will open the connection for you. Or if the software is not installed, from the Finder you can select Go/Connect to Server (as a shortcut, press COMMAND key and the K key). Then enter

How do I share files and folders?
For Windows, right click on a file and select Share For Mac, click on Share button in the software. Then you will be provided with a window to enter an email address to send a private web link. You can set an expiration on the link for 1 day, 1 week or as unlimited. You can also give permissions to upload new files to the shared location. Alternately, you can easily share any file while browsing via web access to your files. The web control panel will allow you manage and remove any shared files.