Support: Restart Backup for a Fresh Start

Deleting computers or folders from your online backup will remove all historical versions and any duplicate files will be removed freeing up storage space.  It will also only put back into your account files as they exist on your local computer.  Here are the steps:

  1. Click on the Browse button in your software to access the web console.
  2. Select the computer or navigate to the sub-folder you want to remove and select Delete from the drop-down arrow.
  3. Open the SafeCopy software and select Restart Backup. (Windows: under the Settings menu which looks like a gear; Mac: under the SafeCopy menu at the top of the screen.)

The “delete” action will move your files to the trash, out of view in your account, pending a permanent delete in two weeks. Then when you Restart Backup it will run through the folders and files selected for backup on your computer and move any files that match back into your account without having to re-upload. This makes the process go quickly.

When completed your account will be reset to match the files contained on your local computer. It may take 24 hours before your account space used decreases and reflects your new totals. We do allow you to exceed the capacity of your backup plan for a while to accommodate these types of situations.