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SafeCopy provides generous amounts of storage for you to use as you like. Multiple computers, external drives, network drives, USB problem.

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Have more than 1 computer?

All your Windows and Mac computers can share one account. It's your storage, use it however you like.

Completely Automatic "Set it and forget it."

Install the software, select the folders you want to backup, done.

Never far away from your files.

Access them from any computer, internet enabled smartphone or iPhone.

Won't slow down your computer.

Consumes minimal CPU and memory by moving heavy processes to the SafeCopy servers. This allows SafeCopy to provide a realtime backup without you noticing it's even running.

Send large 1GB files without clogging up your email.

Easily send files of any size to your friends or co-workers by sending them a private email link.

More reliable than an external hard drive.

External hard drives are not ideal for backups because they usually sit right next to your computer. So if your computer is stolen, damaged by fire, flood or virus attack, both the computer and the hard drive are gone.

Windows Demo

Windows Demo

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Mac Demo

Online Backup

One account for your whole family of computers.

Secure Access

Securely access your files from any browser.

Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone
  • »Realtime Backup
  • »Unlimited Computers
  • »Unlimited File Versions
  • »Restore from Anywhere
  • »448-bit Military-Grade Encryption
  • »iPhone and Smartphone Access
  • »Backup Network Drives
  • »USB and External Drives
  • »Will not slow down your PC
  • »TurboUpload for common files
  • »11 Language Interface

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