$10 gets you a backup and helps rescue a child soldier.

1,000 people get our 1 year 200GB online backup plan for only $10.  This is normally $50 and includes 200GB of storage which you can use to backup multiple computers to a single account.

Problem in Central Africa

The LRA, a brutal rebel group responsible for Africa’s longest-running armed conflict, has murdered and mutilated 
innocent civilians for more than two decades, across four countries. The key to the LRA’s continued survival has been 
the kidnapping of children who are conscripted into their ranks, a number that has reached over 30,000 according 
to UN reports.

How Invisible Children is helping

Invisible Children created a local early-warning radio network called the LRA Crisis Tracker.  This makes attack information publicly available through a digital map, a breaking newsfeed, and a mobile application resulting in improved efforts to combat LRA atrocities and help communities in need.

Our small part

We here at SafeCopy are humbled and impressed with how Invisible Children has used technology to help in their mission to provide freedom for children and entire communities in Africa.  We are proud to donate 100% of the proceeds to help fund their Protection Plan to build more radio towers and rehabilitation centers for former LRA child solders.

Watch the Protection Plan video.  Download the Protection Plan PDF.

December 10th is the day.

1,000 licenses of 200GB for only $10.

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Only one purchase per email account.

No refunds. 100% goes to Invisible Children.

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