About Us

Computers are popping up everywhere. For example, what was once a single home computer has grown into a family including a kid's computer, iMac in the kitchen and Media Center PC in the living room. While this family of computers may have different shapes, sizes and operating systems they collectively contain your digital life.

We picked a different path when building an backup solution. It wasn't about the computer. Instead it's about preserving and sharing your digital life. One account for your whole family of computers.

We aim to backup all your data across all your computers to help you sleep better at night. In order to accomplish our goal, we started from scratch and built a new type of online storage platform. You can read more about that in our technology section. This is the foundation that gives you huge amounts of storage to use as you like.

Our Technology

SafeCopy Backup is a built on a large scale online backup platform used by many top worldwide backup providers.  This has allowed SafeCopy to focus primarily on serving US customers by quickly coming to market with a mature and proven platform. We are proud of our partnership and teamwork with a larger community which provides a global team of expertise and improved worldwide scalability. While our most proud awards are the smiling faces of happy customers, below are some of the publications and awards received:

For details about our technology platform features, click here.

Our Team

SafeCopy Backup is a division of CirrusApps LLC and is privately funded from technology veterans who are involved in the ongoing strategy and operations of the company. Our team has collectively worked to build and support mission critical email security solutions for over 4,000 organizations and 250,000 end users. In addition much of our prior experience has been in the IT services industry with a focus on serving customers via a managed services model. Our team has grown to span multiple countries and languages while remaining flexible and adaptive to our customer needs.