How Often Should You Wipe Your Computer?

In our fast moving world today, most people cannot survive without a computer to do some aspect of their work. That means you need a machine that is reliable and consistently works fast to be able to keep you moving. Occasionally de cluttering your computer is a beneficial thing. But how often should you do it, and what steps should be taken before you go and wipe all your data?

Our recommendation for wiping your computer at the bare minimum is once a year. Set aside sometime to make sure everything is in order and where it is supposed to be before you go dark for a few hours.

Before you risk losing all of your files with a sketchy external hard drive, we suggest downloading SafeCopy Backup as our download allows you to make sure your files and photos are saved and synced in different easy-to-access locations.


Even if you end up losing some data in the cleaning stage, our restoration process allows you to save anything you lost quick and easy.