Introducing Team Accounts, Built for Business

All of the SafeCopy Backup plans include all the simple core features of automated backup, restore by date, sync, share.  Even our free 5GB plan works exactly like the 500GB Personal plan with the only difference being the amount of storage.

The new Team Account uses the exact same software with the same core features, so there is nothing new to learn.  However, with the introduction of Team Accounts you can manage multiple users in the same account via a web console.  Admins can access all the data across the team backup, while normal accounts can only access backup data in their account.




Pro tip: You can always backup multiple computers to a single account.  So if you have a group of computers with similar permissions to files, then definitely share an account.  For example, you can use a customer service account to backup all customer service computers and then separate accounts for finance, HR and other more sensitive roles.  When you purchase your plan think about both the amount of storage you may need and number of accounts you can use.