How To Double Your Backup Protection For More Benefits ?

We all understand how important the data has become in this digital age. Every decision we take is derived from data, and that important data sits somewhere on your work or home computer. This data includes financial records, logs of transactions, problem analysis, proposed solutions, results, employee database, blueprints, etc. Losing such data would not only result in a chaos but can also lead to loss of livelihood for small businessmen. 


Keep Your Data Safe 

While there is no particular way in which one can keep his data safe from accidents and misfortunes, one can always take preventive measures to keep it safer.

We would suggest that you encrypt and archive your data before saving it on your computer. You should make sure that your computer is protected by a good antivirus and anti malware program updated to the latest definitions. You should also be careful on the internet and avoid using software procured by unknown means or via piracy.



Backup Your Data Regularly 

Taking regular backups of your work is just as important as following the above mentioned safety measures. The safety measures will prevent viruses and malware from infecting your data while taking regular backups will keep it safe against hardware crash and storage media failure.

You can take backups of your computer using the in-built Windows Utility known as ‘Backup and Restore’ or can use other popular after market software.


Online Backups Is Your Best Bet

Taking online backups is far more reliable and affordable than any other backup strategy. Online backup providers not only offer cheap data backup plans but also keep it safe and private from unauthorized parties.

The data stored online can be accessed 24 hours during the day from any place on the earth, provided you have a fast internet plan.


Combine Offline And Online Backups For Double Protection

There is no denying the fact that taking online backup is the best strategy for securing your data, but it is slow and not always feasible. Many living in the developing countries don’t have access to high-speed broadband at all times. This makes it impossible for them to take regular online backups of all files. That’s why taking offline and online data backup is the best strategy for safeguarding your data while providing you with high-speed access at all times.  


Here are some of the advantages of this hybrid (online + offline) data backup strategy:
 Easy Restoration- Most online backup plans allow you to restore only using a high-speed internet after logging into your account. There are no such hassles associated with restoring from an offline backup stored on a removable storage media. All you have to do is, open the ‘Backup and Restore’ program and select the file that you want to restore.

 Speed of Access- It might take you months if not years, if you are using a slow internet connection for restoring your computer and large data files amounting to 100s of giga bytes. That’s where offline backup has an edge over the online backup. All you have to do is move the storage media to the desired location, copy the required files, and hit the restore button. It will hardly take you a couple of hours for restoring your entire computer.

 24×7 Offline Access- As the name suggests, restoring from an online backup requires a fast internet connection. You may be able to access your files stored in your online backup plan over a slow connection but you won’t be able to restore them without an internet connection. Offline backups on the other hand, can be accessed without any internet connection since they’re stored on a removable storage media. Thus offline backups ensure that you can restore your data irrespective of the status of your internet connection.

The above mentioned points show how efficient it can be, if you store your backups both online and offline. Online backup plans ensure maximum reliability while the storing the files offline guarantee that you can access them even without any internet connection and restore your computer very quickly.