How Companies Spy On You

Ever wondered why right after you visit a certain website or browse a product, you immediately see an advertisement for that exact company or featured product? How do these companies and how are they so good at spying on you on the internet?

We want to enlighten you on how companies strategically position themselves to be around every corner.

With powerful tools like the Facebook Pixel and also retargeting capabilities from Google Search and Display Ads, any company can set up targeting options that allow them to track and segment audiences based on what webpage they visited or product they may have been looking at.

Some companies like Amazon are advanced enough to send specifically curated emails of products you were searching through immediately to your inbox after you leave their website.

It is true, marketers ruin everything…

There is something to be said about trying to improve conversion rates without being obnoxiously in your face with advertisements. Where do you think the line is?