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Company Information

SafeCopy Backup is a built on a large scale online backup platform used by many top worldwide backup providers.  This has allowed SafeCopy to focus primarily on serving US customers by quickly coming to market with a mature and proven platform. We are proud of our partnership and teamwork with a larger community which provides a global team of expertise and improved worldwide scalability.

News and Press

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Press contact us at press@safecopybackup.com .


Contact us at sales@safecopybackup.com .

Partners and Resellers

Email us at partners@safecopybackup.com if you would like to explore a partnership opportunity.


4470 W Sunset Blvd #90729
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Email: hello@safecopybackup.com


Take a look under-the-hood of SafeCopy Backup. Our primary goal is to provide the best online backup experience for our customers, and we began this process with a fundamentally unique approach to technology.

Global Cloud Storage
How do we do it? If you ever wondered how we can offer such a large amount of online storage for such a low price, the answer is found in our Global Cloud Storage. Our competitors generally layer third party technology to build their online backup offering, which adds significant cost and complexity. The SafeCopy Global Cloud Storage is a revolutionary online storage platform where the online backup components, such as encryption, fault tolerance, indexing and privacy, are native to the storage platform. That means we can offer better performance on a platform optimized for online storage at a fraction of the cost.

Fault tolerate design to ensure your files are always available.
Support for up to 100 million Terabytes in a single node with hot expandability.
Native encryption and transparent compression of data at the file system level. 128-bit encryption during transfer and 448-bit Blowfish encryption during storage.
True Privacy ensures that only your login credentials can access your files. This level of privacy can only be reached when built into the file system as with our Global Cloud Storage.
Native hardware health monitoring adapts to hardware issues without human intervention.

Realtime Automatic Backup
There are no backup schedules to manage. Period. Once you select which files to include in your backup, the ongoing backup process is fully automatic. By default the Auto Throttle setting is enabled which monitors your computer and bandwidth and provides continuous backup, with no negative impact on your computer experience.

Fast Upload
SafeCopy uses de-duplication technology which allows the backup process to quickly identify any files which already exist in your account. This not only speeds up your backup process but saves you storage space. This is particularly helpful when you have multiple copies of certain music files or photos on different computers, whether they are Mac, or PC.

To accomplish this task we use a mathematical checksum to confirm the file is an exact duplicate. When you browse your online backup files it will appear that any duplicate files are in your backup multiple times. However on the back-end storage, there is really only a single copy saving you upload time and storage space.
Archive Forever
We never delete your files for the lifetime of your account. When you delete files from your computer, we keep them. Only you can remove files from your account. With most of our competitors, when files are deleted from your computer they are removed from your online backup after 30 days.

File Versioning
When you save changes on an existing document, SafeCopy will automatically maintain multiple versions of that document. This will allow you to easily backup, restore and share multiple versions of a file. Additionally, our de-duplication technology ensures your storage capacity only consumes a single copy of each duplicate file.

Auto Speed Throttle
SafeCopy is designed to provide a continuous backup for any new and changed files with no noticeable performance impact. The client application runs efficiently while using minimal system resources. Additionally, SafeCopy samples the Internet and system resources and automatically “throttles” the service to ensure there is no impact to the user.

True Privacy
Once your account is created, access to your data is only available through your login therefore picking a secure password is important. Your password is not actually stored in a way which can be viewed as we only save a hashed value which is able to confirm when a user enters the correct password. Files are stored with 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Our storage system is maintained in three separate areas:

  • File Content, which is always encrypted before leaving your computer.
  • File Structure, which contains the folder and file names.
  • File Ownership, relating a file to a specific user account.

The three areas above are kept separate which keeps your data more private than encrypted files on a local hard drive. This level of privacy allows for secure storage of private information. Additionally, no member of our SafeCopy technology team has access to all three areas.