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Your Storage Is Yours

With SafeCopy Backup, you can access your files anywhere and on any computer. We wanted to provide people the freedom and security to store their most important data, files, and photos while still being able to access them all the time. Rather than negotiate the unfortunate inherent issues with unlimited plans, we built a generous […]

What To Do If You Over-Write A File

In this day and age, everyone is always moving so fast and trying to check things off your list. You may find yourself updating and creating new files and the worst situation happens, you save over your existing file losing your current and completely different format. With SafeCopy Backup, you can rest assure that your […]

SafeCopy Backup Dashboard Features

With SafeCopy Backup, you can see the status of your backup and sync completion as soon as you log in. From the dashboard portal you can easily access these features as well: Manage your shared files View your photos Restore your files Backup Settings Invite other users to join All new users get access to […]

The Evolution Of Data Backup

Like everything in life, Data Backup has evolved and come a very long way. Back in my day (feel old saying that)…we relied on the floppy disk to hold and secure our data. Thankfully, that was replaced by the sleek but still unreliable flash drive. Now, the cloud storage system is surfacing. With SafeCopy Backup, […]

The Benefits Of SafeCopy Backup

Data is everywhere. Be it computers, iPods, smartwatches, or even your fitness tracker. Data is an invaluable commodity. Many of us understand its value only after losing it. So, if you don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way then you should think of backing up your precious data. The Benefits Of Using A […]

SafeCopy Backup Joins Instagram!

Fair warning…shameless plug is coming. SafeCopy Backup has officially joined Instagram! Give the new a page a follow and share it with your friends, family, work colleagues and anybody else that would be interested in the service. Our feed will feature news updates, software and bug fixes, answering any customer service questions you may have […]

The Power Of The Smartphone

Each of us holds in our fingertips a very powerful machine. A device that many of you may be reading this post on, a device that knows your exact location, and most importantly a device that takes crystal clear images more detailed and stunning than some of the top tier cameras on the market. But […]