Made it to the Urgent and Important Quadrant

December 15, '08 by Troy Hickerson

My friend Mark Moore was out to visit last week. Mark is one of the most creative people I know and also the most likely to have never completed a full backup of his MacBook. Apparently his weather beaten older MacBook has become the home computer where his wife has stored all the family photos. After traveling around Africa with Mark and that same laptop last year I have first hand knowledge of the beating this MacBook has taken.

After a close encounter involving their cat and the laptop which was balanced on the arm of a chair, Mark’s wife put a note on the refrigerator. The Moore’s have a list on the fridge organized into Steven Covey 4 Quadrants and “backup our computer” moved into the Urgent and Important box.

Steven Covey 4 Quanrants with online backup in Quadrant 1

It’s time for an online backup. Mark, I’m glad we could help you.

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Online file browser gets a new look.

December 15, '08 by Troy Hickerson

We have big plans for the many things you can do with your files once stored online. In the spirit of continuous improvement we updated the online browser to automatically build thumbnails including image thumbnails for all your pictures.

Now when you login to your SafeCopy account using any web browser you can more easily “browse” through your pictures. Enjoy.

thumbnail view to browse your online backup files

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All I want for Christmas is my stuff backed up.

December 15, '08 by Troy Hickerson

SafeCopy is preparing to launch our service to the public. While we wish it was ready in time for your Christmas shopping, we will have to wait a bit longer.

We do want to thank our pilot group of users who have contributed to some of the fine tuning of the service. To all those early adopters…Thank You and Merry Christmas!

online backup in a gift box

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iPhone App built and available soon.

December 15, '08 by Troy Hickerson

We are all big fans of the iPhone. Because of our enthusiasm for the platform, it didn’t take long for our team to create an iPhone App for SafeCopy. The interface and features are simple to use:
  • Click on Recent to list your most recent files.
  • Search through all the files in your account.
  • View any files which can be read on the iPhone such as Text, JPG, PDF.
  • Share files with a friend by sending a private link via email.

We are currently using the App internally and look forward to seeing it live on the Apple App Store soon!

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