This post highlights some of the benefits of an online backup solution like SafeCopy which allows for multiple computers verses those that only allow for one. In this post we will focus on the process of getting a new computer or upgrading your operating system.

Single Computer per Account (Mozy & Carbonite)

  • Because you can only have a single computer protected at a time, you must “transfer” the subscription to the new operating system. Once done, you will no longer have access to the old computer. (Carbonite instructions; Mozy instructions)
  • During the transfer process you can optionally restore your files to the new computer, which may start a multi-day process. Inconvenient when you want to use your new computer.
  • You will need to consider issues such as switch from a Mac to a PC and no longer having access to the old computer files once you migrate and restore.

Multiple Computers per Account (SafeCopy)

  • You can add a new computer or reformat an old computer with a new operating system and SafeCopy will keep your old computer folders and files as well.
  • Take your time to move your data a little at a time or reorganize your files on the new computer. If you choose not to move everything to your new computer, it’s not a problem because SafeCopy has the old computer.
  • If you have duplicate files from your old computer and your new computer, it will only take a single instance of space in your account.

In summary, when you get a new computer it can be a new learning curve with a new operating system, upgraded applications and new settings to configure. With SafeCopy, you can simply add the new computer and keep the old one running and protected. This will allow you to gracefully switch over to your new setup while keeping your familiar old computer online.