Thanks to all our customers who write to us with stories of using SafeCopy. We decided to post a couple of those messages from this past week.

Passports in Nicaragua
Submitted by a customer while traveling with his family.
“I had to take a fairly long taxi ride to buy bus tickets in person to go from Costa Rica to Nicaragua. When I arrived I was told I needed a copy of a passport for each ticket. So I hopped into a corner internet cafe, logged into SafeCopy where I pulled up some scanned passports and printed them out.

The best part was that I had to fix the printer before I print it out. :) Thanks SafeCopy!"

I Have Been Saved
We had a business customer contact us to find out if they can restore a previous version of a file. Unfortunately their local backup had overwritten a good copy with a corrupt copy. After explaining that they could a search for the file and restore any previously saved version, we received the following email:
" Thank-you so very, very much!!! You have saved me and my company a lot of time and money to recover this file. I love your service! You now have a link on my website and I will tell everyone about this. I HAVE BEEN SAVED!!"

Whether it makes life easier or saves the day, how can SafeCopy help you?