I remember the first time I saw a disposable camera. Pretty soon disposable cameras were given out at wedding receptions, given to kids, and taken to events where you wouldn’t risk taking a “real” camera. It changed my thinking about cameras. Isn’t it really all about the pictures anyway?

Now bring on the disposable computer. We’ll not really disposable, but you can buy a mini laptop for a couple hundred bucks. Whether it is a new mini-laptop, an old laptop, the kids computer, media center or your main desktop computer, there are more computers everywhere. These computers will come and go, but we likely all agree it’s not the computer that matters, it’s the data on the computers.

Most online backup providers have a per computer approach to protecting your data. At SafeCopy, we protect your data regardless of how many computers you have. For the same price as a backup plan for one computer, you can use SafeCopy to backup an unlimited number of computers. We provide a generous 150GB of online storage for $50 per year for you to use however you see fit. Now the “travel laptop” and the kids iMac can have an automated backup at no additional cost.

If you only have a single computer, then there are lots of online backup options to consider. However if you have more than one, then compare SafeCopy Backup to our competitors..