Everyone deserves a great backup, so SafeCopy is announcing Setup Assistance. One of the reasons that people don’t backup, is because they don’t know how. Now SafeCopy has an option to personally do the setup and provide training to a new customer.

SafeCopy Backup has launched Setup Assistance. Everyone deserves a great backup. This is a perfect fit for those who may be reluctant to install and configure something as important as a backup. Although the SafeCopy Backup service is easy to use, many people would prefer to have personal assistance to ensure everything is setup correctly and to demonstrate how to use the service.

Setup Assistance is an optional add-on which can be purchased for $30 when purchasing SafeCopy Backup.

Service Highlights:

  • Personal help over the phone and remote control of your Mac or PC.
  • Scheduled to be convenient for the customer.
  • Keep a video of the entire support session for future reference.
  • Continued personal support for the first 30 days of service.

One goal in offering Setup Assistance is to allow even the most non-technical person to have great backup without having to pester that friend who is “good with computers.”
SafeCopy offers outstanding customer support via the web and email for all customers, however the remote control and personal training with Setup Assistance goes beyond anything offered in the industry.

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