Use SafeCopy Backup To Save Your Loving Memories Forever

June 22, '15 by Sam Ghosh

Think of any special moment or that trip with your loved ones and you will want to view the photos that captured those moments, again. We now take more photos with our smartphones than we can imagine and plan on printing them or at least moving them to our computer or the external storage drive. But how many of you actually get those photos printed?

Hard Copy Vs. Soft Copy

A very small percentage of smartphone users print the photos taken by them. Many of us believe that printing photos would be a waste of money, ink, and paper when we can watch them whenever we like on a large display such as a T.V.

Printed photos are also difficult to share with the friends and family as it involves packing and shipping via a courier company. A courier reaches its destination in a couple of days in most cases, so why go through all this hassle of making a hard copy of the special moments? Just keep them on the computer so we can share them instantaneously using the social networks and emails with just a click of the mouse.

So, one must think that keeping a soft copy of the photos on the computer is the best way of reliving and sharing those moments and that too in an inexpensive way, right? Well, not exactly.


The Caveat

All digital media including your photos and videos bear a danger of being wiped out of existence due to hardware failure and data corruption besides being at risk from theft, flood, fire, spillage, and natural calamities.

All this data including your important files and those cherished photos and videos of your childhood, graduation, engagement, marriage, or any other award ceremony might vanish in a jiffy. This might happen due to a number of reasons. While it is not always possible to avert such tragedy, it is very much in our hands to preserve our precious photo and video albums in digital format.

All you have to do is backup those photos and videos to the cloud. Cloud backup technology is one of the safest and securest way to save data. And in the recent times, the cloud backup plans have become more affordable than ever. So you won’t burn a hole in your pocket when you subscribe to the cloud backup plans offered by SafeCopy Backup.


Why SafeCopy Backup Is An Excellent Choice For Preserving Photos and Videos?

We often come across this question when many of our potential customers ask why they should rely on SafeCopy Backup for storing backups of their loving memories in the form of photos and videos.

Here is a simple explanation that will clear all your doubts regarding the features and quality of service offered by SafeCopy Backup:

SafeCopy employs channel and data encryption which secure user data while transferring and while it is stored on its servers. The user can also set a password for encrypting his/her data so that no unauthorized person can access it. The channel encryption employed is equivalent to what banks use for facilitating a purchase. On the other hand, the data stored on the servers is encoded using military grade encryption providing world-class security.

This encrypted user data is also copied across various data centres in the world, so it is always available to the user even if one server location goes down due to any reason. SafeCopy Backup plans also come with in-built support for file sharing so the users can share their files including photos and videos with their family and friends. The user can also share custom URL with whoever he/she wants and can also set its expiry in advance.

Now, besides packing such useful features SafeCopy Backup plans are very affordable and start at $50/year for a 200 GB account and go all the way up to 1000 GB for $350/year. Subscribe to SafeCopy Backup now and preserve all your photos and videos forever. Don’t wait until it’s too late.



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It’s 2015 And You Need To Back Up Your Data Now

June 01, '15 by Renora Tino

How many times have you heard a computer expert insisting on the need to back up user data? Probably a couple of times, right? But have you ever wondered why is it so important to back up your computer?

Here is a simple explanation to why we must always backup our work:

We live in a digital-age. Electronics have become an integral part of our lives. We rely so much on our electronics goods and computers that we don’t even bother to think about their reliability.

No electronic item can provide 100% reliability.

Now, as we store a huge chunk of our work on computers, it is becomes immensely important for us to have some data backup strategies in place, because your computer will someday, fail to work.

Not many think that far and those who do are too lazy to take regular backups of their computers. But trust me, this trouble that you will go through for taking data backups will bear fruit one day and you’ll be glad that you listened to our advice.

How’s Your New Year Resolution Going On?

Whether or not you are taking efforts towards achieving what you aimed for at the onset of the year 2015, it is time to take another vow.

You should have ideally vowed to take regular data backups long time back, but it’s better late than never. It is 2015, and the use of gadgets is increasing at a very rapid pace. This also means that the data is being generated at a much faster rate than ever.

That’s why it is time to add another thing to the list of your 2015 resolutions- Taking regular data backups.

Best Approaches To Back Up Your Computer & Precious Data

While there are many ways by which one can take data backups of one’s computer, we are listing out some of the best and most popular ways to back up a computer:

Store Backups On External Hard Drive- This is by far, the easiest and quickest way to backup and restore a computer. There are many software available for storing backups on an external storage media but the simplest method is to manually copy all files to the removable hard drive and store it at a safe place away from your computer. Also remember to replace the old backup stored on this hard drive with the latest backup regularly.

Save Important Documents On A USB Thumb Drive- This is another very easy-to-use method. But as thumb drives are much more expensive than traditional hard drives, it is advised to backup only the important documents and files to a thumb drive.

We would advise you to make 3-4 such thumb drives containing critical files and share them with the select few and trusted people. This will ensure that the work isn’t hampered in case of a data loss on a primary computer and loss of the only backup thumb drive.

Back Up Full System To Cloud-Cloud technology may not be able to provide fast backup and restore functionality in most cases, especially in the areas with slow internet but it is the most reliable and best way to back up your files.

Unlike data stored on hard drives and USB thumb drives, you never lose your data saved to the cloud. Cloud backup technology also let you access your files 24x7 no matter where you are, provided you are connected to the internet.

Data encryption is an integral part of cloud backup technology which secures your data from spies and intelligence agencies.

Another key advantage that cloud backup technology provides over traditional backup method is its affordable cost. SafeCopy Backup offers cloud backup plans starting at $50 per year for 200 GB space. You will be pleased to know that we don’t place any restriction on the number of computers and external storage devices that you can backup using a single SafeCopy Backup account. This allows to use your cloud backup account to its fullest potential.

Give our services a try by making an account with us and get 3 GB lifetime space for FREE.

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The Current State Of Data Backups And How To Preserve Your Critical Data

May 28, '15 by Sam Ghosh

Most of you might have heard about the benefits of backing up your computer daily. But many still don’t backup their work and home computers on a regular basis. Do you?

If most of your work is stored in digital form on a computer then it becomes necessary for you to have some backup strategy in place. In a survey conducted on Mac users, it was concluded that only 55% people backup their data while 43% of them don’t even bother taking data backups or backup partially.

Here are some of the eye-opening but shocking stats found out in a survey conducted by Tekserve on Mac users:

What Are Mac Users Most Afraid Of?

According to the survey, 74% of the Mac fear data loss due to hard drive crash, 43% of them are scared of data loss due to hardware malfunction, and 42% Mac users are afraid of data loss caused by accidental damage and deletion.

Top 5 Data Types That Mac Users Fear Losing

A majority of Mac users (75%) are afraid of losing documents stored on their computer. Other main file types that 72%, 40%, 31%, and 26% Mac users fear losing are Photos, Music, Contacts, and emails respectively.

Some Shocking Facts

An estimated 140,000 hard drives crash in the U.S. every week.

 31% of users have lost files stored on their computer at least once in their computing life.

 60% of the companies which suffer data loss end up shutting down within 6 months of the data loss!

How To Preserve Your Critical Data?

We recommend that you use our below mentioned 3-pronged approach for safeguarding your critical data:

1. Store backup on your computer.

2. Store one copy on an external storage media.

3. Save another copy on the cloud.

You would be thinking as to why would anyone store a backup of a computer on its internal hard drive itself. This local backup would the quickest way to restore your files in case of a virus attack, accidental deletion, etc. if your computer is still functioning.

You should also store one copy of the complete system backup on a removable storage media. We would advise you to store this removable drive at a safe distance from the backup computer, probably a few feet away or in another room. Keeping it at a safe distance would save it from destruction caused by fire and spillage, and might also save it from being stolen away along with your computer.

Cloud backup is the slowest among these 3 data backup approaches, but it is also the most reliable one.

When you backup to cloud, your data is stored on multiple servers of your cloud provider across the world. This not only ensures maximum reliability but also let you access your data whenever you want anywhere in the world. Data encryption- an inherent part of cloud backup technology keeps your data secret from spying agencies and hackers.

So, it is time that you start to back up your data religiously. SafeCopy Backup is one of the most affordable and highly acclaimed name in the cloud backup industry. Our data backup plans start at USD 50/year for 200 GB of cloud backup and go up till 1000 GB of cloud backup space for an annual fee of USD 350.


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How SafeCopy Backup Can Become Your Best Data Backup Companion?

May 25, '15 by Sam Ghosh

Data is everywhere. Be it computers, iPods, smartwatches, or even your fitness tracker. Data is an invaluable commodity. Many of us understand its value only after losing it. So, if you don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way then you should think of backing up your precious data.

The Benefits Of Using A Data Backup Service

A data backup service like SafeCopy Backup can be used in many ways. While its primary purpose is for taking data backups, it can also double up as a data storage service in some ways. Once you upload your data to a data backup service, then you can access it using the internet anywhere on the earth.

Online backup services backup your data automatically without any interference whenever the user computer is online. This backup can then be used to restore the data in case of data loss due to theft, hardware failure, and malware attack, etc.

Why SafeCopy Backup?

Many people are unable to understand the benefits of subscribing to an online backup service. That’s why we are listing out some of the most important advantages of using a cloud backup service like SafeCopy Backup.

Automatic Backups- You never have to worry about backing up your data when you use SafeCopy Backup. All you have to do is enable Automatic backup functionality. The backups will be taken and uploaded to the cloud without any user interaction. The best is thing is that the data will be backed up to the cloud in real-time without slowing down your computer.

Single Account And Multiple Computers- This is one of the key point differentiating SafeCopy Backup from other cloud backup services. Unlike others, we don’t place a restriction on the number of computers that you can link your cloud backup account to. We also allow our users to backup as many external storage devices as they wish on their account. The consumer should be able to use the space allotted to his account in any way that he wants. Isn’t it?

Speed of Access- SafeCopy employs the latest in technology for providing super-fast access its servers. All you need is a fast internet connection, and you will feel as if you are browsing data on a network drive.

Data Privacy- We take data privacy very seriously. If our users are trusting us for their confidential data then it becomes our duty to hold their trust. Trust builds relationships.

We also employ world-class encryption technologies while transferring and storing your private data on our servers. Our datacentres across the globe are also protected by security forces, top-notch surveillance systems, and are fitted with temperature, humidity and smoke sensors for safeguarding the data.

Zero Maintenance- Another main benefit of subscribing to a cloud backup service is ‘Zero Maintenance’. You can upload your forget about it. Well, not literally. Our engineers take care of your data on our servers so that it’s always available whenever you need it.

SafeCopy Backup offers some of the most affordable cloud backup accounts in the entire industry. For $50/year you can store up to 200 GB of data backups. We also offer free accounts with 3 GB lifetime storage so that you can try our services before diving in. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait for the disaster to strike first. Backup your data now.


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Future Of Online Backup Is Here And Why SafeCopy Should Be A Part Of Your Business's Future

May 17, '15 by Troy Hickerson

Data has become analogous to money these days. The more refined and well researched data an organization has, the more are its chances of being successful in its future endeavours. But just like money, it is getting increasingly difficult for organizations to manage and keep their data safe.

It was originally believed that a good way to keep data safe was to store it on external storage devices and keep it somewhere safe. While this method required a lot of investment and man-power for maintaining the storage devices at safe places it was also plagued by high failure rates of storage devices.  

Fortunately, this is a thing of past now. Modern storage devices built using the latest devices are not only faster and more reliable but also provide cheaper cost/GB.  

However, not all small and medium-scale organizations can afford to invest so heavily in the latest technology and its support staff.


How SafeCopy Backup Can Be The Saviour Of Your Business? 

All is not lost if your organization can’t invest in the latest data storage technology. If your organization is tight on budget then online backup services provided by SafeCopy Backup are your best bet.

Here are some of the key points explaining why online backup services offered by SafeCopy Backup are ideal for managing and storing your confidential data: 

 No worries about storage space- SafeCopy Backup offers cost-effective online backup solutions which can store tons of important data generated by your small/medium-scale business over the years. And if you ever feel that you are running out of space, then you can always upgrade to a higher tier plan for handling your increasing data storage needs. 

 Zero maintenance- This is one of the best things that online backup services offer. All you have to do is upload your data and relax. All your data stored on the servers of the online backup service will be managed by them freeing you from the hassle hiring specialized IT support staff for data management.  

 Reliability- SafeCopy Backup employs data redundancy in all its data centres. Multiple copies of user data is stored at various secure locations throughout the world. This ensures that you can access your data stored on a backup server even if the primary server location goes down due to a terrorist attack, fire, flood, or any other natural calamity.

 High-speed Performance- SafeCopy Backup always uses the latest in computer hardware and data storage technology for storing user data. This approach enables us to deliver high-speed performance with 24x7 access anytime anywhere in the world. All you need is fast internet connection for backing up and restoring your data. 

 Data Privacy- Your data is as safe with us as it would be if it were stored in a bank vault.

We take every possible measure to safeguard user data against theft and snooping. Our data encryption process starts right when the user is backing up his data and continues till the end when the originally saved data is being restored.  

We use the same encryption technology used by the leading banks for facilitating user transactions. We also encode your data using militarygrade encryption standards while storing it on our servers guarded by security forces throughout the world. Our state-of-the-art data centres also are under constant digital surveillance so that no unauthorized person can get inside. 

 Backup multiple computers and storage devices- Unlike other data backup services, SafeCopy Backup allows you to backup multiple computers using the same account. We believe that the customer should be allowed to use his storage space in any way he wants. That’s why we also allow you to backup as many external storage devices as you want to your SafeCopy backup account.   

 The future of data backup technology is here and all users including small and medium-scale businesses can benefit from it. All you have to do is subscribe to any of our data backup plans suiting your needs and we’ll take care of the rest.

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The Best Backup Solution For Medium Sized Business

May 11, '15 by Sam Ghosh

Whether small or large, the businesses these days run on data. The data can be either processed or client data which needs to be processed for taking a wise decision, or for making a future plan, or for studying the market before a product launch, or for forming strategies for beating the competition, etc. The data can be used in numerous ways for the betterment of businesses.

This dependence on data could lead to disastrous consequences too. The confidential client and medical data in the wrong hands will not only send a wrong message against the company but could also lead to dire consequences such as loss of client trust and penal actions being taken against the company responsible for protecting medical data.

On the other hand, the business can come to a standstill, if a company loses the data due to hardware failure, theft, and natural calamities such as fire, flood, and tsunami. 

Why Backup Data? 

All medium-scale organizations must form proper data backup strategies for securing their work. It can be data related to your current and past projects, research work, etc.

Data backups will help ensure that your business isn’t affected in any way in case you lose all your data due to any reason mentioned above.


Why Can You Not Rely On External Storage Media? 

Many medium-scale businesses use external disk drives and tapes for backing up their data, but the fact that both tape and hard drives can get corrupted over a period a time makes this strategy not-so-good for storing critical data. These external storage media can also get lost or stolen leading your business in a state of chaos.

Online backup is the only solution that provides maximum reliability for storing sensitive and critical data. It might not be as cheap as tape storage but it is way more advanced and reliable.

Here are some of the key points of cloud backup technology which make it ideal for storing tons of important data of all types: 

Reliability- Cloud backup providers setup their data centres to ensure data redundancy. The user data is stored at multiple locations so if one location/server goes down due to fire, flood, or any other natural calamity, the users can still access a copy of their data stored at other locations.

 Scalability- Now considering the fact that your business would be using cloud backup for storing only critical data, it wouldn’t be possible for you to get rid of it in near future. With cloud backup technology scalability of your data storage needs is not an issue. All you have to do is move to a higher tier plan. That’s it.

 Security- It is wise of you to be sceptical about storing your data anywhere, after all it contains sensitive information that you would want to protect from your competitors and spies but you needn’t worry about all such things when using cloud backup technology. All leading cloud backup providers not only physically secure their data centres with security forces, alarms, and CCTVs monitoring but also encrypt user data at every step beginning from uploading to saving to restoring.

 File Versions- Leading cloud backup providers offer to save multiple file versions of user files so that you that you can recover what you had done at an earlier date and time. The number of file versions that are stored for your account depend on your cloud backup provider but leading cloud backup providers offer unlimited file versions. 

SafeCopy Backup is one of the best cloud backup providers that not only offers cost-effective plans but also offer high performance and the ability to backup any number of external and network drives. We also save you from the hassle of subscribing to a different and expensive plan for multiple computers by allowing you to use your SafeCopy Backup account on any number of computers as you like. Our data backup plans start from $50/year for 200 GB data and stretch to 1000 GB/$350 for a year.  

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