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Backup All Your Computers With One Account

The SafeCopy Backup Model With SafeCopy, you can utilize your storage space across an unlimited amount of computers. Easily sync and share your account across different machines rather than having your storage limited to one drive and one dashboard. This gives you the capability to access your files from anywhere, from any machine, at anytime […]

Why We All Chase The Feeling Of Freedom

People find motivation in their lives from numerous different outlets or reasons. Somebody could be motivated to work hard because they want nice things or because they have a never ending desire to build and create. It seems like the majority of people out there are chasing the idea of freedom. They crave it. They […]

Top 7 Cloud Backup Myths To Be Aware Of

Online backup is one of the most sought after solution when it comes to data management and storage. Online or cloud backup services were quite expensive in their early days and many had apprehensions about choosing them for backing up their critical data, but the times have changed now. Cloud backup services have not only […]

How Often Should You Wipe Your Computer?

In our fast moving world today, most people cannot survive without a computer to do some aspect of their work. That means you need a machine that is reliable and consistently works fast to be able to keep you moving. Occasionally de cluttering your computer is a beneficial thing. But how often should you do […]

How Companies Spy On You

Ever wondered why right after you visit a certain website or browse a product, you immediately see an advertisement for that exact company or featured product? How do these companies and how are they so good at spying on you on the internet? We want to enlighten you on how companies strategically position themselves to […]