5 Essential Tips for SafeCopy Backup Beginners

We want to give all of our new users and warm welcome to the SafeCopy Backup Community. To make sure you are set on the right path to success, we want to offer you 5 tips on how to get the most out of this service and to have the best experience possible.

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  1. Drag and Drop Files With Ease
    • After downloading and installing the SafeCopy Backup app onto your computer, open the folder and drag and drop files without a hitch. You can finally cleanup your home desktop improving your work flow and peace of min Sync/Share Files With One Account
  2. Sync and Share All Your Computers
    • Using one SafeCopy Backup Account, you can sync all your files from your computers and house them in one master secure account. With shareable links, you can also easily allow access to your files through copying and pasting a link straight from your account with anyone you choose.
  3. Backup Any and All Data
    • SafeCopy allows you to keep files, photos, documents, photos and anything else that needs to be saved with one account. Our free download gives you 5 GB for life, but if you run out of room simply upgrade to next tier with one click.
  4. Restoring Files Made Easy
    • Login to the dashboard and navigate to the section labeled “Access” in the software to browse through your online files and select files or folders to download. This will allow you to restore files that have been deleted from your computer, restore files from a prior date, or if you wish to restore everything you can do that as well.
  5. Keep Your Speed
    • With SafeCopy always running in the background, our functionality allows your computer to run smoothly and effortlessly while you complete your day-to-day tasks. No need to worry about your computer being bogged down by overstored files. With one account, all your data storing problems can be solved.