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Support - SafeCopy Backup


  • Getting Started
    1. Download and Install the App
    2. Login to your SafeCopy Account, or create a new 5GB Free account
    3. Start backing up

  • Backup Video Tour

    There are a number of backup options including:

    • Customize folders to backup
    • Set a backup schedule
    • Maximum size of a file to backup online
    • Backup speed

  • Restoring Files Video Tour

    Depending on your situation and how much you want to restore, there are number of options:

    • Login to the web or click “Access in the software to browse through your online files and select files or folders to download.
    • Restore files that have been deleted from your computer.
    • Restores files from a prior date.
    • Restore everything.

  • Syncing and Sharing

    You can sync folders and files using the same SafeCopy Backup account. Alternately, you can share a web link to anyone to access selected folders and files.

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