5 Reasons Why Educational Institutes Should Use Cloud Backup Technology

April 24, '15 by Sam Ghosh

Modern education is incomplete without the use of computers and also involves storing large videos, presentations on a storage media. Traditional storage media as we know are prone to failure. So storing data backups on optical and magnetic discs would not be a good strategy. The latest solid state drives are very much reliable but their high price/GB ratio makes them unviable for use in large institutions.

Educational institutes store a lot of vital data including exam papers, results, financial and academic records, research papers, and presentations on their computers. So, an event of data loss due hardware failure, theft, fire, flood, or any other natural calamity might become a huge hurdle in the academic progress of the students. It is therefore of utmost importance that all educational institutes must shift to cloud backup for storing and backing up important data.


Here are some key points listing out the advantages of cloud backup technology over traditional backup methods:
1. Ease of Access- To access the data stored on external storage media one has to have physical access to it. This makes it a troublesome process for sharing the data with the colleagues and other branches of the same institute. All of this can be solved by moving to cloud backup technology. Online backup not only ensures 24x7 access, but also makes it possible for the authorized persons to access the data at any place in the world.

2. Reliability- All cloud backup providers set up their datacentres in a way that all files are stored at multiple locations. This makes sure that you can access your files even when the primary server goes offline. You no longer have to worry about data loss caused by hardware failure, or virus attacks when you move to cloud backup.

3. File Sharing- Sharing presentations, class notes, video lectures, test papers and results are among one of the most important activities that involve sharing files among authorities in educational institutes. Students can also benefit from cloud backup technology by sharing class notes, important points, and summary of lectures with their friends and classmates. Doing it with traditional methods is a hectic process involving
transportation of storage media, or via email attachments, but cloud backup makes it look like a cakewalk. All you have to do is select the files or folders that you want to share, set permissions, and add users.

4. Automatic Backups- You longer have to take backups manually and risk losing the data due to a hardware failure in case you forgot to take the backup for that time duration. All cloud backup software can take automatic backups of selected file locations at a specified time. This makes sure that your important files are always backed up and you lose no part of your work ever. 5. Privacy- We all can imagine what might happen if the exam papers and financial records of the educational institutes land up in the wrong hands. All cloud backup software transfer the user data to their servers via an encrypted channel where it’s stored using world-class encryption methods. This means that nobody but the rightful owner has the access to his files.

Cloud backup providers also manage user data eliminating the need for the IT department to spend their precious work hours on trivial tasks like data maintenance and transfer.

SafeCopy Backup is one of the best cloud backup solutions that your money can buy. We not only offer affordable data backup plans at $50/year for 200 GB but also offer all the features that you might wish for.

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New release of SafeCopy backup

December 17, '14 by Troy Hickerson

New version of SafeCopy Backup software is being pushed out through our auto-update feature.  Over the next couple weeks your computer will prompt you to update, but if you want to skip the line and upgrade immediately, you can download and upgrade at www.safecopybackup.com/pages/download.   

  • New restore process built into to the software.  This is helpful when restoring large amounts of data because the software will manage the download back to your computer.  The web browser download is simple and convenient for remote access to your files.
  • Improved support for network folder backup.  If you have a shared folder on your network we have improved the process and stability for backing those remote folders.
  • Improved security and minor bug fixes.

If you haven't visited your SafeCopy account on the web, you will notice many improvements as well.  We continue to improve the web based access including advanced searching, automatically hiding files that have been deleted from your computer, and built in photo gallery.

Enjoy the holidays and as always, let us know if you have any questions by emailing support@safecopybackup.com.

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Ready for Mac OSX Mavericks

October 26, '13 by Troy Hickerson

SafeCopy Backup for the Mac is ready for OSX Mavericks 10.9.  So upgrade with confidence that your Mac will continue to be backed up with SafeCopy.

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New Release of SafeCopy Backup

December 08, '12 by Troy Hickerson

We are pleased to annouce a new release of SafeCopy Backup.  This new version is completely new and now both Mac and Windows versions have the same set of features and user interface.  The new software is easier to use, faster and includes an intuitive dashboard to show the progress of your backup.

You can download it now from www.safecopybackup.com/pages/download or wait a week until we automatically push out the new versions.

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Updated photo viewer

February 24, '12 by Kevin Woods

 photo slideshow viewer

The SafeCopy web file manager has been update to include an integrated photo viewer.  There is now a small camera icon on the right hand side of each folder.  If you click on the icon, it will create a photo album  view based on the images inside that folder.  You can click-to-zoom, play an slideshow or view full screen.

One of the best features of the updated album viewer is that it only takes one click.  With many slideshows or albums, you first have to select the images and create the album.  However with SafeCopy your folders are organized online just as they are on your computer.  So if you navigate to photos of your recent trip to the Bahamas, you can revisit your trip with a single click.

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$10 on December 10th

December 08, '11 by Troy Hickerson

SafeCopy Supporting Invisible Children with Proceeds from 1,000 Backups 

SafeCopy found a way to give back this holiday season. On December 10th, SafeCopy will be giving away 1,000 licenses for only $10 (normally $50). The best part is that 100% of the proceeds go towards Invisible Children Protection Plan.

Go to the SafeCopy homepage on December 10th to purchase our 1 year 200GB plan for $10.

Problem in Central Africa

The LRA, a brutal rebel group responsible for Africa’s longest-running armed conflict, has murdered and mutilated 
innocent civilians for more than two decades, across four countries. The key to the LRA’s continued survival has been 
the kidnapping of children who are conscripted into their ranks, a number that has reached over 30,000 according 
to UN reports.

How Invisible Children is helping

Invisible Children created a local early-warning radio network called the LRA Crisis Tracker.  This makes attack information publicly available through a digital map, a breaking newsfeed, and a mobile application resulting in improved efforts to combat LRA atrocities and help communities in need.

Our small part

We here at SafeCopy are humbled and impressed with how Invisible Children has used technology to help in their mission to provide freedom for children and entire communities in Africa.  We are proud to donate 100% of the proceeds to help fund their Protection Plan to build more radio towers and rehabilitation centers for former LRA child solders.

Terms and Conditions

1,000 licenses of 200GB for only $10. First come, first served.

Starts at 12:00AM on December 10th and ends at 11:59PM on December 10th Eastern Time (-5:00GMT).

You can be a brand new to SafeCopy or upgrade an existing free 3GB SafeCopy account.

Only one purchase per email account, however as many per person as you like.

No refunds. 100% goes to Invisible Children.

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