How SafeCopy Backup Can Become Your Best Data Backup Companion?

May 25, '15 by Sam Ghosh

Data is everywhere. Be it computers, iPods, smartwatches, or even your fitness tracker. Data is an invaluable commodity. Many of us understand its value only after losing it. So, if you don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way then you should think of backing up your precious data.

The Benefits Of Using A Data Backup Service

A data backup service like SafeCopy Backup can be used in many ways. While its primary purpose is for taking data backups, it can also double up as a data storage service in some ways. Once you upload your data to a data backup service, then you can access it using the internet anywhere on the earth.

Online backup services backup your data automatically without any interference whenever the user computer is online. This backup can then be used to restore the data in case of data loss due to theft, hardware failure, and malware attack, etc.

Why SafeCopy Backup?

Many people are unable to understand the benefits of subscribing to an online backup service. That’s why we are listing out some of the most important advantages of using a cloud backup service like SafeCopy Backup.

Automatic Backups- You never have to worry about backing up your data when you use SafeCopy Backup. All you have to do is enable Automatic backup functionality. The backups will be taken and uploaded to the cloud without any user interaction. The best is thing is that the data will be backed up to the cloud in real-time without slowing down your computer.

Single Account And Multiple Computers- This is one of the key point differentiating SafeCopy Backup from other cloud backup services. Unlike others, we don’t place a restriction on the number of computers that you can link your cloud backup account to. We also allow our users to backup as many external storage devices as they wish on their account. The consumer should be able to use the space allotted to his account in any way that he wants. Isn’t it?

Speed of Access- SafeCopy employs the latest in technology for providing super-fast access its servers. All you need is a fast internet connection, and you will feel as if you are browsing data on a network drive.

Data Privacy- We take data privacy very seriously. If our users are trusting us for their confidential data then it becomes our duty to hold their trust. Trust builds relationships.

We also employ world-class encryption technologies while transferring and storing your private data on our servers. Our datacentres across the globe are also protected by security forces, top-notch surveillance systems, and are fitted with temperature, humidity and smoke sensors for safeguarding the data.

Zero Maintenance- Another main benefit of subscribing to a cloud backup service is ‘Zero Maintenance’. You can upload your forget about it. Well, not literally. Our engineers take care of your data on our servers so that it’s always available whenever you need it.

SafeCopy Backup offers some of the most affordable cloud backup accounts in the entire industry. For $50/year you can store up to 200 GB of data backups. We also offer free accounts with 3 GB lifetime storage so that you can try our services before diving in. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait for the disaster to strike first. Backup your data now.


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Future Of Online Backup Is Here And Why SafeCopy Should Be A Part Of Your Business's Future

May 17, '15 by Troy Hickerson

Data has become analogous to money these days. The more refined and well researched data an organization has, the more are its chances of being successful in its future endeavours. But just like money, it is getting increasingly difficult for organizations to manage and keep their data safe.

It was originally believed that a good way to keep data safe was to store it on external storage devices and keep it somewhere safe. While this method required a lot of investment and man-power for maintaining the storage devices at safe places it was also plagued by high failure rates of storage devices.  

Fortunately, this is a thing of past now. Modern storage devices built using the latest devices are not only faster and more reliable but also provide cheaper cost/GB.  

However, not all small and medium-scale organizations can afford to invest so heavily in the latest technology and its support staff.


How SafeCopy Backup Can Be The Saviour Of Your Business? 

All is not lost if your organization can’t invest in the latest data storage technology. If your organization is tight on budget then online backup services provided by SafeCopy Backup are your best bet.

Here are some of the key points explaining why online backup services offered by SafeCopy Backup are ideal for managing and storing your confidential data: 

 No worries about storage space- SafeCopy Backup offers cost-effective online backup solutions which can store tons of important data generated by your small/medium-scale business over the years. And if you ever feel that you are running out of space, then you can always upgrade to a higher tier plan for handling your increasing data storage needs. 

 Zero maintenance- This is one of the best things that online backup services offer. All you have to do is upload your data and relax. All your data stored on the servers of the online backup service will be managed by them freeing you from the hassle hiring specialized IT support staff for data management.  

 Reliability- SafeCopy Backup employs data redundancy in all its data centres. Multiple copies of user data is stored at various secure locations throughout the world. This ensures that you can access your data stored on a backup server even if the primary server location goes down due to a terrorist attack, fire, flood, or any other natural calamity.

 High-speed Performance- SafeCopy Backup always uses the latest in computer hardware and data storage technology for storing user data. This approach enables us to deliver high-speed performance with 24x7 access anytime anywhere in the world. All you need is fast internet connection for backing up and restoring your data. 

 Data Privacy- Your data is as safe with us as it would be if it were stored in a bank vault.

We take every possible measure to safeguard user data against theft and snooping. Our data encryption process starts right when the user is backing up his data and continues till the end when the originally saved data is being restored.  

We use the same encryption technology used by the leading banks for facilitating user transactions. We also encode your data using militarygrade encryption standards while storing it on our servers guarded by security forces throughout the world. Our state-of-the-art data centres also are under constant digital surveillance so that no unauthorized person can get inside. 

 Backup multiple computers and storage devices- Unlike other data backup services, SafeCopy Backup allows you to backup multiple computers using the same account. We believe that the customer should be allowed to use his storage space in any way he wants. That’s why we also allow you to backup as many external storage devices as you want to your SafeCopy backup account.   

 The future of data backup technology is here and all users including small and medium-scale businesses can benefit from it. All you have to do is subscribe to any of our data backup plans suiting your needs and we’ll take care of the rest.

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The Best Backup Solution For Medium Sized Business

May 11, '15 by Sam Ghosh

Whether small or large, the businesses these days run on data. The data can be either processed or client data which needs to be processed for taking a wise decision, or for making a future plan, or for studying the market before a product launch, or for forming strategies for beating the competition, etc. The data can be used in numerous ways for the betterment of businesses.

This dependence on data could lead to disastrous consequences too. The confidential client and medical data in the wrong hands will not only send a wrong message against the company but could also lead to dire consequences such as loss of client trust and penal actions being taken against the company responsible for protecting medical data.

On the other hand, the business can come to a standstill, if a company loses the data due to hardware failure, theft, and natural calamities such as fire, flood, and tsunami. 

Why Backup Data? 

All medium-scale organizations must form proper data backup strategies for securing their work. It can be data related to your current and past projects, research work, etc.

Data backups will help ensure that your business isn’t affected in any way in case you lose all your data due to any reason mentioned above.


Why Can You Not Rely On External Storage Media? 

Many medium-scale businesses use external disk drives and tapes for backing up their data, but the fact that both tape and hard drives can get corrupted over a period a time makes this strategy not-so-good for storing critical data. These external storage media can also get lost or stolen leading your business in a state of chaos.

Online backup is the only solution that provides maximum reliability for storing sensitive and critical data. It might not be as cheap as tape storage but it is way more advanced and reliable.

Here are some of the key points of cloud backup technology which make it ideal for storing tons of important data of all types: 

Reliability- Cloud backup providers setup their data centres to ensure data redundancy. The user data is stored at multiple locations so if one location/server goes down due to fire, flood, or any other natural calamity, the users can still access a copy of their data stored at other locations.

 Scalability- Now considering the fact that your business would be using cloud backup for storing only critical data, it wouldn’t be possible for you to get rid of it in near future. With cloud backup technology scalability of your data storage needs is not an issue. All you have to do is move to a higher tier plan. That’s it.

 Security- It is wise of you to be sceptical about storing your data anywhere, after all it contains sensitive information that you would want to protect from your competitors and spies but you needn’t worry about all such things when using cloud backup technology. All leading cloud backup providers not only physically secure their data centres with security forces, alarms, and CCTVs monitoring but also encrypt user data at every step beginning from uploading to saving to restoring.

 File Versions- Leading cloud backup providers offer to save multiple file versions of user files so that you that you can recover what you had done at an earlier date and time. The number of file versions that are stored for your account depend on your cloud backup provider but leading cloud backup providers offer unlimited file versions. 

SafeCopy Backup is one of the best cloud backup providers that not only offers cost-effective plans but also offer high performance and the ability to backup any number of external and network drives. We also save you from the hassle of subscribing to a different and expensive plan for multiple computers by allowing you to use your SafeCopy Backup account on any number of computers as you like. Our data backup plans start from $50/year for 200 GB data and stretch to 1000 GB/$350 for a year.  

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Top 7 Online Backup Myths You Shouldn’t Fall Prey To

May 05, '15 by Troy Hickerson

Online backup is one of the most sought after solution when it comes to data management and storage. Online or cloud backup services were quite expensive in their early days and many had apprehensions about choosing them for backing up their critical data, but the times have changed now. Cloud backup services have not only evolved in terms of security and efficiency but also offer far more features than they used to.

Not all online backup providers explain the features of the services provided by them in plain language and thus give rise to these myths. This article will list down some of the most popular myths associated with online backup services and bust them. 

1. Truly Unlimited Plans- Nothing is truly unlimited in all terms. It can be unlimited in one aspect but that aspect would be restricted by another aspect which would be limited in quantity or scope.  

Many backup providers boast of providing unlimited storage space but you should always read the fine print before falling prey to such a trap. Such unlimited features always have a fair usage policy would restrict something; let’s say the bandwidth, after you upload a certain amount of data. 

2. Cloud Backup Is Not For Everyone -Cloud backup was surely expensive in its early days but now it has become very affordable. Small business owners think that cloud backup is not needed for their business as it will increase their expenditure, but they fail to assess the risk of losing their data properly. They need it more than more than the large MNCs as they do not have any data management strategy in action.

Self-employed professionals like photographers and designers must always use a cloud backup service for safeguarding their data as losing work could mean losing a client.

3. Cloud Backups Are Slow-   Those who say that cloud backup services are slow for uploading their data are probably using it on a dial-up or a slow mobile connection.  

These backup services upload giga bytes of data and were never meant to be used on a slow internet connection. Thankfully, due to the increasing penetration of broadband, this problem will cease to exist in near future.  

In case you want to transfer a huge amount of data to the cloud backup servers and can’t wait for several weeks during the initial seeding phase, then you should probably send a hard drive to the service provider with your initial seed data at an extra cost. 

4. Automatic Backups Mean Total Peace of Mind-  Wrong! Though automatic backups are meant to work without any user interference, one should always check whether it’s working or not at regular intervals. Sometimes, automatic backup might stop working due to an error, and if you’ve turned off notifications of the cloud backup software then you might land up in a trouble at a later stage.  

It is always a good practice to check backup logs to check if everything is working fine or not.

5.One Backup On The Cloud Is Enough- You should use a cloud backup service for backing up a backup. You must keep a copy of your backup on an external storage device which is accessible to you at all times and is stored at a safe distance from your work/home computer. This copy stored on an external storage media will help you do a quick restore without the internet in case you lose your data on the computer. 

6. Cloud Backups Are Not Secure- Data security is an inherent part of any cloud backup service. So, you shouldn’t worry about the safety of the data stored on your cloud backup account.  All popular cloud backup services use at least 128-bit encryption for storing your data, and transfer your data through a SSL channel during the upload and download process.

This makes sure that no unauthorized person can access your data without your permission. 

7. There Is No Need To Try Restoring From Cloud- While this holds true for most of the cases, you wouldn’t want to be the unlucky one who would lose his data due to a corrupt backup copy. Let me remind you that this data corruption doesn’t happen during the transfer process or on the cloud server, but happens on your own computer itself. That’s why it is always advised to do trial restores for ensuring the validity of your data backups. 

Now you know all the main facts and most common myths about cloud backup services. So, now it is time to try a cloud backup service. SafeCopy Backup offers a free account with 3 GB of lifetime storage so you can test out our services and make a wise decision.  

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Why Should You Backup To Cloud Before Installing New Software?

April 29, '15 by Troy Hickerson

Frequent system updates have become a norm these days. You update your system today and you’ll have to update it a few days later, again. If you are using a device running Android, then you’ll receive Google Play notifications almost daily for new app updates. These frequent app updates may annoy you sometimes, but such frequency is good in a way. They not only keep your device safe from hackers and spies, but also improve its performance and power efficiency. 

Operating system updates add new features, remove bugs, and fix crashes along with bringing many other improvements to the core OS. Application updates also do similar changes to your device. While you may choose to ignore the new features, you should also keep in mind that these updates also bring a lot of security fixes making your device more hacker-proof. So to keep your device up and running in its full glory, you must always keep it updated with the latest version of the operating system and application updates. 

Don’t Just Download The Updates From Anywhere

Now before you get excited about updating your software and operating system for new features and fixes, please know that you shouldn’t download the update from just another website. Only download the latest version of your software either from the official website, or from a reputed web portal.

You should also avoid downloading software from peer-to-peer sharing tools and via torrents. Software obtained via torrents and piracy websites are most likely to contain embedded malware and viruses. So it will do more harm than good if you use software downloaded from less trusted sources.


Do You Backup Your Device To The Cloud? 

Accidents happen. You may take as many precautions as possible to avert them, but you simply cannot avoid them always.
That’s where cloud backup comes into picture. After all, nobody would like to part with his data in case of a system failure and file corruption due to a virus attack.


Use Cloud Backup To Restore Your Computer 

There are two main ways in which one can use cloud backup for restoring one’s computer. Take the help of your requirements to choose between these two methods easily.

 If you have a lot of programs installed on your computer and you don’t want to start from scratch in case your system is hit by a virus, then you should make a full system backup using Windows ‘Backup and Restore’. You can also use some other popular backup creation tools that you can find on the internet. Now after you take a full system backup, upload that backup file to your cloud backup service. We would also advise you to take backup of your important files separately (at a later stage) since you will be taking the full system backup upon fresh OS install and after installing the required programs.

 On the other hand, if you are only interested in backing up your important files or simply don’t have much storage and bandwidth for uploading your entire system backup, then you’re better off taking backups of important files and documents only.


Taking regular backup is a very good practice, but cloud backup just makes it better. Just follow either one of the above two points and you will able to try as many software and tinker with the critical system settings without the fear of losing your data.

SafeCopy Backup offers very affordable high volume cloud backup service plans starting at $150/year for 500 GB storage, and $350/year for 1000 GB of storage to suit your complete system backup needs.

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How To Double Your Backup Protection For More Benefits ?

April 29, '15 by Sam Ghosh

We all understand how important the data has become in this digital age. Every decision we take is derived from data, and that important data sits somewhere on your work or home computer. This data includes financial records, logs of transactions, problem analysis, proposed solutions, results, employee database, blueprints, etc. Losing such data would not only result in a chaos but can also lead to loss of livelihood for small businessmen. 


Keep Your Data Safe 

While there is no particular way in which one can keep his data safe from accidents and misfortunes, one can always take preventive measures to keep it safer.

We would suggest that you encrypt and archive your data before saving it on your computer. You should make sure that your computer is protected by a good antivirus and anti malware program updated to the latest definitions. You should also be careful on the internet and avoid using software procured by unknown means or via piracy.



Backup Your Data Regularly 

Taking regular backups of your work is just as important as following the above mentioned safety measures. The safety measures will prevent viruses and malware from infecting your data while taking regular backups will keep it safe against hardware crash and storage media failure.

You can take backups of your computer using the in-built Windows Utility known as ‘Backup and Restore’ or can use other popular after market software.


Online Backups Is Your Best Bet

Taking online backups is far more reliable and affordable than any other backup strategy. Online backup providers not only offer cheap data backup plans but also keep it safe and private from unauthorized parties.

The data stored online can be accessed 24 hours during the day from any place on the earth, provided you have a fast internet plan.


Combine Offline And Online Backups For Double Protection

There is no denying the fact that taking online backup is the best strategy for securing your data, but it is slow and not always feasible. Many living in the developing countries don’t have access to high-speed broadband at all times. This makes it impossible for them to take regular online backups of all files. That’s why taking offline and online data backup is the best strategy for safeguarding your data while providing you with high-speed access at all times.  


Here are some of the advantages of this hybrid (online + offline) data backup strategy:
 Easy Restoration- Most online backup plans allow you to restore only using a high-speed internet after logging into your account. There are no such hassles associated with restoring from an offline backup stored on a removable storage media. All you have to do is, open the ‘Backup and Restore’ program and select the file that you want to restore.

 Speed of Access- It might take you months if not years, if you are using a slow internet connection for restoring your computer and large data files amounting to 100s of giga bytes. That’s where offline backup has an edge over the online backup. All you have to do is move the storage media to the desired location, copy the required files, and hit the restore button. It will hardly take you a couple of hours for restoring your entire computer.

 24x7 Offline Access- As the name suggests, restoring from an online backup requires a fast internet connection. You may be able to access your files stored in your online backup plan over a slow connection but you won’t be able to restore them without an internet connection. Offline backups on the other hand, can be accessed without any internet connection since they’re stored on a removable storage media. Thus offline backups ensure that you can restore your data irrespective of the status of your internet connection.

The above mentioned points show how efficient it can be, if you store your backups both online and offline. Online backup plans ensure maximum reliability while the storing the files offline guarantee that you can access them even without any internet connection and restore your computer very quickly. 




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