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Unlimited Computers vs. “Unlimited” Storage

You Do the Math Many of our competitors offer “unlimited storage” which is limited to a single computer. If your household or small business has more than one computer, you are required to purchase and manage multiple accounts. SafeCopy starts with a generous 200GB or 300GB plan for all your computers. We think it’s an amazing deal; […]

CryptoLocker and other Ransomware

What is CryptoLocker? As a little background, CryptoLocker is a ransomware trojan that targets computers running Microsoft Windows.  It is typically propagated as an attachment to a seemingly innocuous e-mail message, which appears to have been sent by a legitimate company.  There is a ZIP file often disguised with a PDF icon.  The payload then encrypts […]

It’s 2015 And You Need To Back Up Your Data Now

How many times have you heard a computer expert insisting on the need to back up user data? Probably a couple of times, right? But have you ever wondered why is it so important to back up your computer? Here is a simple explanation to why we must always backup our work: We live in […]

The Best Backup Solution For Medium Sized Business

Whether small or large, the businesses these days run on data. The data can be either processed or client data which needs to be processed for taking a wise decision, or for making a future plan, or for studying the market before a product launch, or for forming strategies for beating the competition, etc. The […]

How To Double Your Backup Protection For More Benefits ?

We all understand how important the data has become in this digital age. Every decision we take is derived from data, and that important data sits somewhere on your work or home computer. This data includes financial records, logs of transactions, problem analysis, proposed solutions, results, employee database, blueprints, etc. Losing such data would not […]